Horse welfare is paramount ...

Steady canter up Side Hill

Thursday, 03 November 2011

"Action is eloquence"

William Shakespeare.


Mark watching Colzium on Side Hill

Still no rain but slightly overcast at first lot. We took the horses  around Side Hill polytrack to give them a good long steady canter this morning. All went well and they are all ready for their schooling tomorrow.


Mystery Star enjoying yesterday's sunshine

Meanwhile, Mystery Star went to Garrowby at first light to join other horses that are wintering up there.

 03_Avonbridge_filly 03_Elnadim_filly 03_Red_Hermesiii

Unnamed Avonbridge and Elnadim fillies and Red Hermes (all for sale)

Steve Avery is getting on really well with the yearling breaking and they have all got the full tack on and are being driven in the long reins. He will be putting the jockeys on next week in the indoor school and I am sure before long we will be having a string of them at third lot.

And I was doing some videos about the fillies for sale – two yearlings and Red Hermes.  All are very nice horses, exciting prospects – and they enjoyed being in front of the camera!