In and out as quickly as possible ...

A damp day

Monday, 07 November 2011

"What comes from the heart, goes to the heart."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge.


Battery Power leaving the yard (Hannah)

A very damp morning but no wind so the temperature is mild and we have been cantering all the horses on Railway Land grass. It's quite ironic that it was the last day of the Flat season on Saturday and we are cantering on grass that we have not been able to get on, because of the firm ground, since the spring. The horses bounced off it this morning with all the lads remarking how great it was to be on grass once again.

BarwickBarwick cantering down Railway Land poly before coming back on the grass (John)

A very sad day on Saturday, as it is every time a horse doesn't come home, and it never gets any easier. The horses here are loved and cherished by everybody, especially by the ones who are closest to them. It doesn't matter if they are Classic winners or handicappers, they all have their own characters and ways with them and will always be remembered.


We are all very positive now that the 2011 flat season is over. As the Queen famously said, it has been an "Annus horribilis", but, like Her Majesty, we are made of stern stuff at Flint Cottage. We are all very determined to turn everything around, as I know we shall do. The bacterial infection and blood virus that have plagued us all year is now under control, and although we have one or two still returning bad blood results, at least now they are going the right way and won't be long coming right. We have sent several horses up to Garrowby for a good break, we have found others good homes, and the yard is being steam cleaned and freshly painted as we speak.
I am very grateful for the support and understanding of all my owners during the year and can only say we all shall be doing our best to repay their loyalty in the coming seasons.


Dullingham in autumn

mares_nov2011Leading mares in at Garrowby

East_Riding_of_Yorkshire-20111103-74The resting mares up at Garrowby, from left to right, Astrolove, Cushat Law and Tawny Way

All the horses both at Dullingham and Garrowby look marvellous. As you can see from above, we have so much grass especially in Yorkshire where they have had considerably more rain than at Newmarket.