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A damp day

Tuesday, 08 November 2011

"Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest."

Mark Twain.

           08ryan2       08pots

              Ryan working in the fillies' yard                             Water pots out for cleaning

A mild morning again and we have just sent another batch of horses on their way up to Garrowby for a short break. The chance to get out in a big field with plenty of grass and freedom with their friends, does them no end of good and they come back to me in four to six weeks in great shape. The hills and quietness really make Garrowby a very special place, and along with the land  and water plus plenty of good food, makes it like a five star hotel. The last lot of horses will be going up there on Friday but I shall be getting everything back before Christmas. The break means we can really kick on with the boxes here and get them all spick and span for their return.

    08HallingTC        08kathf

                 Halling ex Trew Class colt                               His sister, Kathleen Frances 

Marvo was very disappointing yesterday. He didn't jump brilliantly at any stage and, although he schools well at home, I think that he is not in love with the jumping game so we shall keep him to the flat from now on. I was absolutely delighted with Ron who took everything in his stride and will improve tremendously for this outing. Two miles will suit him much better and he handled the ground well.

08Elna1                08Elna2


The Elnadim filly is ridden for the first time - by the bottom picture she is trotting away

The first batch of yearlings are being ridden away and behaving really well. Here are pictures of the very attractive Elnadim filly ( See the "Racehorses for sale" page for full details) being ridden by Dan for the first time . She behaved immaculately and went from here straight out on to the Severals. She was led by Eanans Bay.

 08cat4The kitten watches the filly in the school

08carrot2The carrot lorry making his deliveries after leaving Flint Cottage