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A bit brighter today

Thursday, 10 November 2011

"All human beings should try and learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why."

James Thurber.

Walking_in  Crossing the road from cantering on Side Hill                   

Quite a bright morning and the temperature is unbelieveably mild. I suspect this means we will pay for it later on in the year. Our usual morning of cantering up the hills and round Side Hill at first and second lots and Steve Avery is really getting on well with the yearlings with several of them ridden away. I should think we shall have a string of them going round the Indoor School by the end of next week.

10astrscarletAstroscarlet leaving the School (Lauren)

10smokeySmokey Oakey heading out (Rhea)

Two runners today at Southwell, and an early start because one of the races was divided which meant a 12.20 start. We have Red Hermes in this first race making her debut against four very experienced horses. She has never been on this surface before either and will have to contend with the kickback. She is not lacking in ability though and if she handles the track she may run well. Locum runs in the last the 3.50p.m. which is the first time he will have encountered fibresand. A disappointing run last time at Wolverhampton, you can never quite tell how he will go. Let's hope it's a going day.

Red_HermesiRed Hermes who makes her debut today at Southwell

There was a great article yesterday in the Racing Post from greyhound racing's chairman, Tom Kelly, which was fantastic reading and if you were throwing your copy away, don't - just make sure you read it. His best point for those who have lost the paper, was when he was asked,"Suggest one name who could turn the sport's (the sport of greyhound racing) fortunes round." His reply was, " I'd rather give you a profile. He/ she would be knowledgeable, immaginative, innovative and realistic, with strong leadership qualities and political savvy. This person would seek to bring together a small group of able people prepared to abandon sectional interests for the overall good. The first thing for this group to do would be to closely study everything horseracing's governing bodies have done over the last fifty years and then do absolutely nothing remotely similar. That way they might have a chance of success...." What a fantastic comment and how right he is! If such a person is ever found, I shall be the first to kidnap him and get him working for us.

Long_reining_ElnadimSteve long-reigning round the main yard which gets the yearlings used to their new environment

The boxes left empty by horses going to Garrowby this week are being steam cleaned ready for redecoration.
The steam cleaner is the most marvellous machine for thoroughly disinfecting the stables.

10steam          10steam2         10steam3

Colts, like the very attractive Rayvin Black, obviously cannot be turned out and have to stay at the yard. However they will be moved out of their current boxes for steam cleaning and refurbishing.

Rayvin_BlackRayvin Black