Horse welfare is paramount ...

A grey day

Monday, 14 November 2011

"Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts."


14_String_1                    14_11_3

The first lot going out and coming in led by Ted Spread

A grey day but once again no wind and its very mild. I am positive we shall be paying for it shortly with gales and lashing rain. The horses have been on a long and good exercise this morning, finishing with a nice canter up Railway Land grass, which is getting firmer but has plenty of cover on it. Second lot went up Warren Hill polytrack and had a lovely walk back through the Plantation.


Rayvin Black (John) followed by Chankillo (Lauren) and Five Hearts (Butch)


Rayvin Black (John)

Steve Avery took the last lot of horses who are having a break up to Garrowby first thing. It takes about four hours door to door in the horsebox. He then has his statutory break, a cup of coffee or two and sets off back. With the weather as its been, the horses who are there have had a real bonus as they have not got wet nor cold at all, and they have just had a lovely holiday in Yorkshire.

 14_Jen_J_3        14_Astro_3       14_Battery_P 

         Jennifer J                                               Astroscarlet                                 Battery Power   


                                                                          Five Hearts  

We have had some sheep on the stud at Dullingham, just on one paddock to clear it right up. They are great at this and eat all the tufty bits and any rough areas that are left by the horses, who are much more pernickety about grass. As well as clearing up the land they also apply natural fertiliser and, if used properly in short bursts, they can do some good. We have also been aerating the empty paddocks and have been constantly sweeping leaves. With all the trees we have it is a never ending job, and luckily this year we have had no strong winds to blow the collected piles about, much to the relief of the lads.

14_Sheep_Dull              14_another__sheep


Akula did not stay the trip at Cheltenham on Sunday, which surprised me as I thought he would. We shall be reverting back to shorter distances in the future. He jumped and travelled well for a l0ng way, and I fully expect him to show us what he is capable of next time.