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Blanket of cloud

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

"Never give advice unless asked."

German Proverb.

15_bhollow2The Beat Hollow ex Topatori colt (Lauren)

Newmarket is shrouded in a blanket of fog this morning which is quite normal for this time of year. I know the sun will come out soon. It means we have to be very careful as we cross the roads, and we have had to do so this morning several times as we took first lot up to the Links to do some fast work. Most of it went to plan but one did get loose and proceeded to run down the High Street and the Fordham Road. He came back with a few scratches but very jarred up and it will be several days before he can be exercised again. The ground around the Links was in good shape and the horses moved very well on it.

15_Beat     15_bhollow      15_year_1

The Beat Hollow being ridden out of his box to the school and to the main yard

There is one runner today, No Rules. I have had to take Cotton Grass out as her blood was wrong when taken last night. It drives you barmy when they look so well on the outside, with no temperature, and you find a race that looks ideal but the blood tells you it would be silly to run as they would under perform. No Rules makes his debut over fences today. He has schooled well and this will be an ideal introduction. A course winner over hurdles over two and half miles, he will handle this tight track and the experience will do him no end of good.


 The Avonbridge ex Rutland Water filly (Lee)

The fixture list at long last looks like being set after an unbelievabley long wait, which has upset so many people and costs money especially to the diary and calendar businesses. There are going to be 1,450 meetings in 2012, which is 30 down from this year. In my opinion it is completely crazy and we are just bowing to pressure from the bookmakers. Our authorities should have really stood firm and reduced the list by a minimum of 200.


Darren collecting some of his carrot order