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A very calm morning

Thursday, 17 November 2011

" It is necesary to try to surpass oneself always, this occupation ought to last as long as life."

Queen Christina of Sweden.

17_Butch     17_ted_in     17_Butch_in1                                                                       Ted Spread (Butch)  

A very calm morning, just dull and slightly misty, but the temperature has held up and not a breath of wind. There were quite a few trainers out and about on Warren Hill both first and second lots and plenty of chat going on about various subjects, ranging from investitures to Japanese food - all very educational. It's the regional meeting of the National Trainers Federation today at the racecourse and there will be plenty of hot air talked there as well. I have been clearing the pipes of tomorrow's runners this morning and let's hope they perform as we would like.


Old Boy Ted (Lauren)

Astroscarlet ran a belter last night making a great effort in a race that was run at breakneck speed. She hadn't the experience to lay up early, but once finding her stride in the straight she really finished with a flourish and would have won in another  100 yards. She showed great promise for the future and looks a ready fire winner. I am delighted for Meg and the studs as she is another homebred showing ability.                                                                                                       


Marvo (Hannah)

We had one or two inquiries after yesterdays ramblings about what the Hay Steamer is and how it works. Basically it's a big moulded suitcase which holds one hay bale at a time. It has several metal spikes which force  hot steam through the bale killing all the spores that could possibly be in the hay. You have to feed the hay ideally within twelve hours of the steaming. It smells delicious, the horses gobble it up and are not compromised by any dust etc. I hope that is a good explanation for everyone - especially Ed from London!

17_DanZenarinda who runs tomorrow (Dan)   

Dan Brown, one of our lads, went on an amateur riders seminar this week at the British Racing School, which has so many courses for a variety of racing related employees.This day was primarily a desk day where they learnt about the rules of racing, diet, fitness etc. He will be going on another course in December which takes in the riding side of the job. I always encourage my staff to go courses as you always learn something new and the on-going training can rub off on the whole of the team.

16_blimeyBlimey O'Riley

I must reveal now that the horse that ran down the Cambridge road from the Links, down the full length of Newmarket High Street, turned left at the Clock Tower  and on to the Fordham Road towards Tescos, was Smokey Oakey. How he didn't hurt himself more is a miracle and how he didn't hit a car is even more of a miracle. Just a few scratches and bruises are the result. He has had to have a couple of days "in bed" on medication but has eaten everything and, as you can see from below, is now starting to venture out once  again, being led in hand. We can put him on the walker from tomorrow and next week he will be back in the string. I still don't know exactly what happened, neither does Rhea, who was riding him and thankfully is only bruised, but it could possibly be that he was spooked by something in the fog.


The luckiest horse in Newmarket, Smokey Oakey, above and below, with Darren

We have just started breaking in the filly below. She is by Manduro, who has just sired a Group1 winner in his first season, and is out of Meg's very well bred mare, Astromancer. Her pedigree goes back to the great Dancing Brave. She is a fantastic looking yearling and let's hope her ability is as good as her looks.


The Manduro ex Astrmancer yearling filly, above and below