Horse welfare is paramount ...

A bright day

Friday, 18 November 2011

"Human beings, by changing the inner attitude of their mind, can change the outer aspects of their lives"

William James.


Second lot led by Rayvin Black (John)

A bright morning with very little wind - we are having  a remarkable autumn. A good  two canters at first lot on the Town Sand and Long Hill polytrack with the older horses. A few will be exercising in the Ride and the yearlings are now starting to go out in a string.  As you can see from the pictures below, they are really getting the idea and every year it always amazes me how quickly they learn. What they are taught now will set them on the right track for the future, so it's important that they are taught the right way and the ones that need more time are given it.


Some of the yearlings head out to the Severals under the watchful eye of Steve

17_Elda     17_baby_school    17_Laur

          Halling colt            Going to have a turn round the school       Elnadim filly


 17_nmid    17_lee    17_school                            Namid colt                         Avonbridge filly                      The Namid leads

17_Laure                       17_lee_1                                               17_nam_1         

                                                         Returning back home safely

Three runners today in what is an exciting afternoon as we introduce Ted Spread for the first time over hurdles. He runs in the 2.10 at Ascot in the two mile Introductory Hurdle. He has schooled well but a run always teaches horses a lot and I expect him to run with credit today. Barwick and Zenarinda both run at Kempton where, because of its proximity, I will be travelling on to. Barwick runs in the mile and a quarter handicap at 3.30. Kieren Fallon rides both our runners today for the first time, and it is also the horses' first time on this surface. The kickback always plays a part in how they act on it, but both are in good heart and I expect them to run well.


Washing down after exercise


The Vircon disinfectant where every bridle is dipped and rinsed between each lot

We are constantly on top of hygiene at Flint Cottage and I am always keen to impress on the staff the importance of this. Dipping bridles between each lot, picking feet out, doing the horses up well after each lot, keeping the rugs in the right pigeon holes in the rug racks both in the main yard and at the school, washing heels off after exercise, scrubbing feed and water managers, the list is endless but it all helps towards keeping horses healthy.

17_rugEach stable has number which coincides with the rug rack numbers

The yearling fillies who came in later from Garrowby are doing well. They are being long-reined now out of the school as you can see from the pictures of the very attractive Haafd filly below.  Long-reining is a way of teaching the horse without a rider on its back. You drive the horse everywhere, turning left and right , going through the introductory starting stalls, and giving it a general view of the world here without having to think about a rider on top. When you come to the next stage it is so much easier for the horse and rider as they have seen it before.

      17_haafd_1      17_ha_1    17_Haafd2

The Haafd ex Sosumi filly being long-reined and in her box

At Garrowby Tina is getting going with a yearling of Lady Halifax's which is going through exactly the same process before going into training.


Tina long reining the Oasis Dream ex Birthday suit filly at Garrowby