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Blue sky

Saturday, 19 November 2011

"Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends"

Czech Proverb.


The Guv'nor discussing Ron (Lee)

A bright morning and it looks like being  a fine weekend. It's a bit "same as" this morning in the yard with canters, yearling breaking and painting. We are having a visit from the British Racing School this morning who are bringing prospective students and their parents. They have these days periodically which show the applicants what can be expected if they enter the profession.


Astrolibra (Abby)

I was delighted with Ted Spread yesterday, who jumped really well throughout and just got tired between the last two hurdles. He will benefit greatly from this outing and has a very bright future under National Hunt rules. I journeyed on to Epsom which only took twenty minutes to watch the gambled on Barwick flounder on the surface. Kieren reported that he was never happy on him and a visit to Southwell or Wolverhampton is on the cards next. Zenarinda travelled very well but only stayed on in the straight without quickening, and is another that will better at the above tracks.


Walking in after exercise

Every day we wash all the stable rubbers and the girth sleeves, always with some disinfectant in the mixture, so each horse has a clean rubber and girth sleeve every time they are exercised. This to try to stop the spread of any skin infections. Darren is in charge of this department and it is in constant use.

08_laundry1Darren's laundry

At Flint Cottage Stables we still do evening stables the old fashioned way, where the staff come in at four o'clock and do their three or four horses. This entails tidying the bed, cleaning the water and feed managers, giving hay and dressing the horse over. The trainer then walks round from about five thirty onwards feeling legs, taking note of the condition of the horse and getting any feed back from the staff. All veterinary work is done at this time with any cuts and bruises treated, feet and legs poulticed and powders given. This work is all recorded in the Medical Book which is kept for future reference. It is always interesting to walk round at evening stables and the owners that have done it always seem to love it.


Evening stables at Flint Cottage


Checking legs in the fillies yard