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Cold and frosty

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

"The fact that a great many people believe something is no guarantee of its truth."

W. Somerset Maugham.

23_stringThe horses at the Links under a pink sky

A clear bright and much colder morning and, although no wind and rain, I think it could be the start of long cold spell. Our trees and hedges on both studs have been full of berries waiting for the birds to eat them and as yet they have not been needed, but once the frost and snow come they will soon disappear. First lot went up to the Links and did two good long canters on the grass and up the hill. This really gets the lungs and legs working both of horses and staff. We could do with some rain for the grass there but the cover is good and the lads reported that it rode well.


Circling after cantering

Most of the yearlings are ridden now and the lads have sat on the last few. Very shortly everything will be in a string following a lead horse around the indoor school and then out onto the Heath. I will get them cantering before Christmas and then give them the whole of January having an easy time in the school.

23_cott_1                23_ron

                Marvo and Astrolibra                                                                 Ron

23_cott                23_obt3

                         Cotton Grass                                                                Old Boy Ted

Amazing headlines on the front of the Racing Post this morning about the sale of the Tote: as usual there is only one loser - the racing industry. We have been completely hoodwinked once again. With the government hiding behind European Union rules, any money coming back into the industry from the sale of the Tote to a bookmaker will be frittered away into "legacy type projects" according to BHA chairman Paul Roy - whatever that means . It says Roy is still in the dark over how racing can use Tote proceeds. How can we have a so-called leader who has agreed to the sale without knowing the details of where the money is going? It is completely beyond me and I am sure most normal sensible people think the same.
 On another note, but still on the Tote sale, I see Betfred is paying for the business  on a deferred schedule. This to me means that I get the business for a deposit and pay for the rest as I make a profit, and use the turnover to pay the dues. It's like buying a forest and cutting the trees down to pay for it. What complete and utter shambles and disgrace we have let happen. Our politicians and leaders have a lot to answer for. We don't seem to have any strength of character and backbone nowadays to stand up for what is right.

23_Marvo                  23_Astrol_1

                              Marvo                                                                            Astrolibra


Akula (Dan)

The debate in Parliament on the levy and on-line betting, which lasted ninety minutes and was raised by Matthew Hancock the MP for West Suffolk  which covers Newmarket, was held yesterday. There were many ideas put forward but once again the Gambling Minister John Penrose fudged the issue. In a ten minute reponse his reply very much took the position that if the gambling and racing industries can come up with something they are both willing to sign up to, and it is fair to both sides , he would agree to it. This is the most crackers statement I have ever heard as both sides will never agree. One is purely working for itself with no thought for the other, and the racing industry is just trying to survive. We need a politician of vision, of strength of purpose, who can grab the chance of putting this industry right for all sides. It can be done, it just needs the determination. We got Tony McCoy elected sports personality of the year by combining forces. We need the same resolution now.


Red Hermes cantering up the polytrack