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Thursday, 24 November 2011

"Do right by someone and sometime you will be repaid. Do wrong by someone and sometime you will be repaid."

Phil Eccles.


Some of the yearlings in a string led by the Namid

Believe it or not, after my prediction of cold weather yesterday, it is one of the mildest mornings we have had so far. The lull before the storm! All the jumpers had an easy morning of just one steady canter over six and a half furlongs up the hill and the flat horses did a bit shorter one on a different hill. The Heath has really quietened down in the last two weeks and after a bit of a crowd at first lot we are starting to see small bands of yearlings venturing out on to the Heath for the first time. The anticipation and excitement starts all over again.
24_man_out       24_mandur

        The Manduro ex Astromancer in the school, heading out and coming back                                                                                                          

 23_2_year       23_yearl

                  Namid ex Missouri                                            Beat Hollow ex Topatori

                                                   23_qilin                                                                 Beat Hollow ex Qilin    

I was on yesterday about two parties pulling in different directions but there are actually three as the racecourses, as page four of the Racing Post shows today, comprise the third big player. Their media right payments are going up quite considerably in January and don't forget you, the owners, supply the players for these pictures to be sold and for the public to bet on. The Horsemen's Group is asking, very fairly in my opinion, for 40% of that income to go into prize money. They must surely get the message that without horses you have no race and without a race you get no media rights. I also hope they put any extra money into updating the facilities, especially seating areas where people can actually sit down and have a base. These are very sadly lacking on many courses, deterrring a great many people from going racing.                                     

23_trew                                                                Halling ex Trew Class      

 First day of the foal sales yesterday with the average slightly down and I am sure a lot of ordinary breeders very disappointed. When you add up the nomination and keep fees there were big losses for many people. The stallion masters will certainly have to look at their nominations fees for many of their horses.
the prices will pick up today and tomorrow as the more expensive nominations come to the fore but that is no guarartee of a profit when you have paid £60 - 70,000 for a nomination. It just means if the foal rears on well you will get the top yearling buyers looking at it.


The Rail Link ex Nutmeg filly being dressed over