It's Champions weekend ...

Mild but windy

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

"In silence man can most readily preserve his integrity."

Meister Eckhart.


From the left Astroscarlet (Abbi), Red Hermes (Hannah) and Jennifer J (Rhea)

It is once again unbelievabley mild, the complete opposite of this time last year when it was really cold and snowy. It's quite windy though and we have a few mists of rain but no downpour as yet. At first light we set off for the schooling grounds  at the Links and met up with Colin who gave a good lesson to several of the ones I am thinking of running this week. I was delighted how they all schooled and we just need a bit of rain on the tracks to ease the ground.


The Elnadim yearling leading some of the others round the school

An interesting look into the future in a special report in the Racing Post today on pool betting. As Chester and Bangor are striking out on their own with in-house betting, it has brought the Tote sale to Betfred and what benefit it will bring to the tracks to the fore. I can see more courses or racecourse groups going down this route and it may well be this will be for the long term good of the industry. With the money the government got for the sale not going directly to racing, and Betfred not coming forward quickly with good ideas for the Tote, this may be the future. If it is, it must be done in a professional way that is simple to understand and be a great benefit to the prize money pool which filters down to everybody not just the shareholders.

29_Red_HAstroscarlet (Rhea) with Smokey Oakey (Iain) behind

A strong first day at the mare sale at Tattersalls yesterday but not barmy prices, it will be a bit crazier today as this looks to be the best day with several very sort after lots. A really international clientele has descended on Park Paddocks this week and our British bloodstock will be transferred far and wide at the conclusion of the sale. We have without doubt in Great Britain and Ireland the best breeding industry in the world.


Smokey Oakey (Iain) setting off for his exercise

Angie is going off to Garrowby today to have a good look round and will be taking a few photos - weather permitting - and we shall have a report on the weanlings progress tomorrow.

29_astroscarRed Hermes (Hannah)