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A storm is on the way

Thursday, 08 December 2011

"Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age."

Christopher Morley.


Smokey Oakey leading three yearlings on to the Heath      


...and onto the canter

Although we have been forecast very stormy weather today, as yet it has not arrived. The only thing that has arrived is a large flock of seagulls which were circling the Heath at first lot. If you listen to the old country people they always tell you that when the seagulls come inland it's for shelter away from an impending storm.  We have been doing two good canters with everything up Warren and Long Hills and all the string is  moving and looking very well.


The Elnadim, the Haafd and the Avonbridge setting off as good as gold


Smokey bringing them back safe and sound

We have finished painting the fillies' yard which is the back yard at Flint Cottage. Every nook and cranny has been steam cleaned, disinfected and painted inside and out. We are now kicking on in the front yard with all hands to the pump including Akram and Alyson who have been co-opted from the stud. While many of the horses are out having their break, we can sort out the tack and rug rooms too so our winter clean is better than a spring one, and all the staff really like everywhere clean and tidy ready to start the New Year.


The front yard having a complete sort out by Ryan

David is in full swing clipping, and today he is starting on the yearling colts. It is very important to have your macine clean and the blades sharp when starting off clipping, a calm nature is a must, and a good assistant to hold the horse.  Most horses are very good when first clipped and apart from a few tickly bits they stand very well. A bad clip stands out a mile when you know how the job should be done. It always amazes me how some people turn them out. The old stagers were brilliant at clipping and trimming, and it was a lot harder in those days as somebody had to turn the clipping handle to make the clippers work and you had an old singeing lamp which ran off  paraffin to burn off the straggly bits.


Crossing the Bury Road to go home