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Blue skies

Friday, 09 December 2011

"The secret of greatness is simple: do better work than any other man in your field - and keep on doing it."

Wilfred A. Peterson.


Smokey Oakey wishing his owner a very "Happy Birthday"

We got away lightly once again in the east when the storms hit yesterday. We had a couple of branches down off trees at the stud but nothing major. We just had a good blow rather than the gales they had in Scotland. It's a bright blue sky  this morning here in Newmarket although it's pretty cold and my famous over-trousers are a godsend. We have been cantering on Bury Side once again with a mixture of older horses and yearlings. We shall be cracking on with the yearlings now and then give them an easy January before starting to get any early ones ready for the start of turf season.


Jennifer J (Rhea)

There seems to be a big push at the moment, or at least plenty of articles in the racing publications, on how to attract younger people to go racing and get involved in the sport. There have been many ideas like giving free entrance to all students. I feel this is rather defeating the object as if you give them free entry you might as well do the same for pensioners, the unemployed and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

There is no simple way to attract the racegoers of tomorrow but far more emphasis should be put on the horse itself and how they can more involved with the whole cycle from the foal to the racetrack. There is so much for everybody to see and learn in the process and we have the structures within the industry to supply this. We need the younger age groups to understand the excitement of relating to horses and  the pleasure the animal can give us. Maybe encouraging and advertising visits behind the scenes of racing - for example the National Stud, the racing schools, the yards, the sales - would engender interest and attraction to the whole sport. 


The Beat Hollow ex Topatori colt watching second lot going round the school

and other yearlings on the Heath being lunged, long reined and ridden


09_Manduro_lunge                  09_Manduro_again


 09_Manduro_with_David       09_Manduro_again


09_pidgeonA pigeon watching first lot trotting round the school