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Clear skies

Monday, 12 December 2011

"Principles may seem to cost you, but they never shame you."



Smokey Oakey in charge of the yearlings about to cross the Bury Road

A clear blue sky and we have had a slight ground frost. At present we have only a very light breeze but the forecasters tell us that we are in for an extremely windy week. The older horses had a good canter at first lot and I ventured out with a few of the newer yearlings to have a canter on the Town Sand at second lot. This exercise went very well as although the indoor ride is brilliant to start them off there is much more to see in the wider world.


Darren legging up Waajid on to the Namid ex Missouri Yearling

Our runners at the weekend all ran very respectably with two seconds and two thirds.  The fibre sand track had been quite deeply harrowed because of the frost, and the kick back was pretty bad hence a lot of riders upsides most of the way. Both Astroscarlet and Marvo will be much better back on the polytracks, but Chankillo and Zenarinda can come back to Southwell again. There will be plenty of races in the New Year for my little band of all weather horses which should keep us interested until the grass starts again.

   01_Astrolibra                     01_Trew_Class_yearling_iv

                        Astrolibra                                                                   Halling ex Trew Class                       

We are getting two more lots of horses back in from Garrowby this week. They have all had a good break -  not too long but just ideal to get their heads down and have a rest from the routine. It's just like us going on holiday. The timing of everything is the key, and they will have a good preparation once back in the yard with clipping, plenty of food and good winter exercise to build up strength and bulk.



Ditches ready for the elusive rain

You can see from the above two pictures how dry it is still on the Heath. These are ditches which have been cleared out by the heathmen in preparation for the winter rains, but as yet they have not come into play - but I'm hopeful they will do soon.


The twins at the pool

Everybody is happy in the office this morning after the Owls and the Gunners victories at the weekend. Both will be pressing at the top of their respective tables over the Christmas period.