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Bright but chilly

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

"I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him."

Galileo Galilei.


A horse's view of the polytrack

A bright winter morning with a bit of a nip in the air, but not damp and wet. Quite a lot going on this morning with Iain setting off to Yorkshire at first light. On the way he will be picking up a foal from Minster vets just outside York. He will be bringing back another four horses in training who have been on holiday. Painting continues in abundance in the main yard, horses have been cantering in readiness to run tomorrow and yearlings continuing their education. We had some excitement which meant the heart rate going up as I ran across the Heath after a loose one. There was no damage done to horse or rider, just to a bridle which will now need some new reins.


The guv'nor watching his horses

A good article and plenty of pictures in the Post today on how a racehorse has better medical treatment than we humans. I've always maintained that this is the case and we are so lucky here in Newmarket with the two veterinary practises who both have their own hospitals. At Rossdales an injured horse is dealt with straight away and can be on the operating theatre within minutes of arrival at the hospital - very unlike A&E at most NHS hospitals. There is a constant stream of new vets working at the practises, and new methods and treatments being developed. The one that springs to mind this year is the endiscope used while cantering. It is a marvellous development which allows you to see the complete working of the windpipe at exercise. You can then do  the right corrective surgery.

15_vet_car     15_vet_horse    15_vet_smokey             The vet arrives within minutes to deal with Smokey Oakey after his lucky escape

There was another good article on the retriring Tattersalls director, Martin Mitchell. I think Martin has been at Tattersalls as long as I have been training in Newmarket. He has been a great ambassador for the company and has seen it grow and develop into the premier auction house of the world. His calm and gentle manner has helped mediate on so many occasions. He will still be there in the background but somebody else will be front of house and he also has taken over the chairmanship of the trutees of the British Racing School, where I am sure that he will be a great help.


Cantering with the green roof of Tattersalls in the background