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Winter Rules

Saturday, 17 December 2011

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree."

Roy L. Smith.


Keeping warm in the school Smokey leading Star of Missouri and the other yearlings

A very frosty morning and the Winter Rules for cantering and using the walking grounds has come into action for the first time today. In the past, because the walking grounds become dangerous when icey, strings had taken to walking on the grass which eventually ruined it for later on in the season. So after plenty of debate and suggestions we now canter up one of the all-weather tracks on Warren Hill and use the other as a walking ground. It worked very well last year once everybody got the idea and it seemed to go off without a hitch at first lot this morning.

        17_Avon    17_Beat_H

             The Avonbridge filly (For Sale)                  The Beat Hollow ex Topatori colt


The Halling ex Trew Class      

We have had plenty of visitors this week and I am sure there will be a few today. They come and give their horses a Christmas Polo or carrot, which is always appreciated by the horse, and then they have a mince pie with us in the warm.


The Nayef ex Twelfth Night and the Virtual ex Astrolove weanlings

David Ashforth has been doing his "Grab a grand for Christmas" once again this week and, although he's had help from every professional in his quest to win money for charity, he has lost the grand total of £994.92. Thank goodness some of the bookmakers have donated money on his behalf - but so they should as it just goes to show how much profit they can make.


The Black Sam Bellamy ex Astromancer filly

The staff are having their Christmas bash tonight and I am sure that it will be a lively affair. There are plenty of stories of past hillarity and usually every year a new one occurs. I hope we don't have many none runners on Sunday morning.


Tina with in front the Halling ex Topatori and the Nayef's white face behind

A big match today at Hillsborough when the top two in the league meet. There will be a large crowd there today - over 25,000 I'm sure - and it will be an interesting match but only one result the Owls winning 2-0. Phil and Ian will be on tenderhooks until tomorrow, when the Gunners have to go up to Manchester to play City. It could be a great match to watch.


The Dutch Art ex Seasonal Blossom filly