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It feels like spring

Thursday, 22 December 2011

"What precious gift costs nothing but delights everyone? A baby's smile."

Phil Eccles.


Rayvin Black leaving the indoor school (Waajid)

A much warmer morning this morning with no wind and it feels more like spring than two days before days before Christmas. Everybody is in great spirits and just normal lots of cantering with both the older horses and yearlings - all the horses look great. There are plenty of mince pies being eaten as well as tins of biscuits and sweets that arrived for the lads from various Father Christmases- very gratefully received, and thank you to all the owners for their kindness.


Blimey O'Reilly ( Abby)

One runner today at Southwell, Locum runs in the 3.30, the mile and a half handicap. Kieron Fallon rides and he must have a sound chance of being in at the business end. It would be great for the horse and his loyal supporters to end the year on a high note and let's hope he can do it.

Yearlings leaving the school with Iain


The Halling ex Trew Class leading the Elnadin


Astrodreams followed by Astrosapphire


The Beat Hollow ex Qilin (3/4 is for sale)

I have mentioned all week that David has had the clippers constantly in use and as you can see from the pictures below, he is very good at it. I am sure he is delighted to be having a day out at Southwell with Locum, as although he is ultra professional at clipping, you can still get covered in fine hairs and sometimes they linger in your mouth and nose for ages. A good hot shower usually does the trick, it also gets rid of the machine oil you start to smell of - mind you it's better than being on a trawler.

         21_david   21_David   21_David_clip

David busy clipping in the medical box