In and out as quickly as possible ...

A very mild morning

Monday, 09 January 2012

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."



Eanans Bay (Iain)

A very mild morning with no wind but we are a bit short on the ground this morning with staff as we have a couple away on training courses, one on holiday and one not turned up ill. The ones that are in are in great form and the horses are having a good exercise. Although this time of year tends to be quiet with not much going on, it's one of the most important times because the ground work you put in now is the base of the fitness levels for the season to come.

07_beat_hollowTopamichi (Lauren)

Jennifer J ran another progressive race on Saturday at Lingfield. She is still very much on the weak side but like her sister, Kathleen Francis, should improve as she gets stronger. She's a big, tall, scopey filly and she's got plenty of developing to do yet.


Walking in

An enlightening article in the Racing Post at the weekend about the French PMU. Their prize money will be increasing by 5% this year and is already 50% more than ours. It's so frustrating to see this huge difference and although you can say the French don't get the crowds and the atmostphere is not as good as here, if only we could have their prize money what a differeence it would make.


Barbsiz (Abbie)

I don't want to crow too much, especially having a lot of West Ham supporters  as owners in the yard, but what a great result for the Owls yesterday in the third round of the Cup! Now they can look forward to the fourth tie away at Blackpool.