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Frosty and bright

Friday, 13 January 2012

"No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately."

Michel de Montaigne.


Marvo (Steve) and Cotton Grass (Iain)

A good hard frost overnight and if the forecasters are anything to go by it's the first of many to come. It is an absolutely lovely morning though with plenty of sunshine and no wind. Just the type of morning I love. The horses have been out doing good exercise with the two that are running tomorrow having a blow to clear their pipes. Let's hope we can have a winner rather than yet another second.

13_Butch_walk              13_Abbie

                   No Rules (Butch)                                                         Astroscarlet (Abbie)

Zenarinda ran a very sound race once again yesterday to be second, and I think the trip of a mile looks to be her ideal. She may be O.K. over that mile and one at Wolverhampton as well. I'm afraid the whip debacle raised its ugly head again yesterday with several jockeys getting banned including Robert Winston for the ride on Zenarinda. Now if anybody can see anything wrong with that ride I think they are completely wrong. I was delighted with the ride as she is a filly who gets unbalanced very easily as she has one of her forelegs at a strange angle, and everybody who has ridden her has commented on her hanging both ways. I thought the jockey's correction with a slap or two down her neck certainly prevented more severe interference. These rules were made with the best interests at heart but are certainly not working, and the sooner we get back to the old original rules the better. If any jockey or lad abuses my horses they are told in no uncertain terms, as those of you who know me, know I would. The rule wants to be a severe ban for anybody hitting a horse with undue frequency, especially when out of contention, and common sense by horsemen, i.e. people who understand and love horses, should be listened to.


Zenarinda (Dan)

The four mares in the foaling boxes are getting bigger daily and as the first one is due on the 19th everybody is starting to get excited about the first foal of the year.


One of the cats looking at her reflection