It's Champions weekend ...

Frosty and icey

Monday, 16 January 2012

"Be more prompt to go to a friend in adversity than in prosperity."


16_schoolKeeping warm in the school

Another very cold morning with a hard frost, but once again it's bright with no cloud and absolutely lovely to be out in it. All you need to do is keep moving which will keep you warm - if you stood still you'd freeze to the spot. First lot of trotters were in very fresh form with plenty of bucking and kicking and then at second lot we had a good canter up both polytracks on Warren Hill.

DSC_0112Astrosapphire (Lauren)

Both our runners ran as I thought on Saturday. Marvo travelled like the winner but didn't quite get home so he will revert back in trip next time. Chankillo was a bit outpaced early but stayed on well. He will be better over further,  a mile and a quarter plus in the Spring, and like all his siblings he will improve with age and distance.


Haafd ex Sosumi (Lee)

We saw another example on Saturday of how the whip rule is not working when the big race was won by a very good ride. This wouldn't have been the result if the rules had been strictly adhered to. Once again I would claim that nobody could be offended by the ride given to the winner, only praise for the perseverance and determination of both horse and rider. I see there is a meeting on Friday between the Professional Jockeys Association and the BHA on this matter and I hope that we can start to see more common sense prevail.


The fillies' yard

At the weekend we went to see "War Horse", the new Spielburg movie, and can highly recommend it. I  definitely give it 5 stars, but make sure that you have hankies available!


Good job we had plenty of salt for this morning