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A very cold night

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

"The superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions."



Topatori was not covered last year and visits Champs Elysees

A very cold morning followed a freezing night, with the grass canters closed. All the all-weathers are in use and the heathmen are keeping them harrowed and in great condition. The consequence of the weather is really now starting to tell with Fakenham already called off yesterday and many others in doubt. We are so lucky having the indoor ride as I have said on many occasions. Lord Exeter who built it in the early nineteenth century was very much before his time, and my lads often thank him especially on days like today.


The yard at Deer Park

For the last few weeks we have started putting the barren and maiden mares under lights when they come in overnight at Deer Park. This encourages them to think spring is here and we can get on and cover them at the beginning of the season to produce early foals the following year.


Qilin is under camera and due early February

We have also started to sit up all night with the foaling mares, which means a man is up all night keeping a very close eye on the horses for any signs that they may be starting to give birth. We shall have someone sitting up every night until the middle of May. Everybody takes it in turns to do this job and it's very rewarding when you see a foal born on your watch.


The geese waiting to be fed