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A lighter start

Monday, 23 January 2012

"Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth…Tame the dragon and the gift is yours."

Noela Evans


Chankilo (Lauren)

A normal Monday morning with the horses very fresh after a Sunday off, but thankfully nobody has hit the deck and we have had two very good exercises before breakfast. The forecast all week is for a few showers turning colder towards the weekend, but we are now getting through January and are yet to have a really hard spell. We shouldn’t get complacent though as it could yet snow in April.


Gary Walters (equine dentist) with Eanans Bay

The equine dentist has arrived for his fist visit of the year, he rolled up in a new Mercedes, to which I remarked that he must be making too much money. However according to him it’s only rented- I feel this was a good reply. He has one helper and an on-looker from Jets who are the Jockeys’ Association advisers on the occupations that jockeys are able take up after they retire.

It has actually been a great success and there are many of ex jockeys now working in varying parts of the industry as well as other outside jobs, varying from tree felling to insurance brokering. If you take the case of the footballer last week who said he had tried to commit suicide three times since he had retired, this self help initiative should be enlarged and rolled out through out the sporting world.


Astroscarlet (Abby)

I feel that Ascots “orange badge of shame” was a complete mistake and whoever thought of it should be made to own up and not hide behind the Chief Executive Charles Barnet. I am sure everybody, including myself, understood that Royal Ascot had changed the rules with regard dress code starting this year however didn’t understand that this applied to every race meeting. This is very similar to the Grand National debacle, where all jockeys had been told to dismount after the race and that water would be liberally applied. There appears to be no common sense amongst the people who bring in these rules. There is no substitute for speaking plain English and letting everybody know what is expected of them.  I am all for people being dressed smartly in the premier enclosures and York has never had a problem with this rule. It is clear now that it should have been implemented in a much clearer way.


Marsh Dragon before third lot - Shares Available

On brighter news, it’s the start of the Chinese New Year today this being the year of the dragon, and if anybody is feeling lucky I have a very nice horse for sale which will sell shares of in the very aptly named Marsh Dragon. Please do see our Racehorses For Sale page for further details, or better still give the office a ring and arrange to come and see her for yourself. You won't be disappointed as I think she’s a cracking horse.


Akula (Liam)