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A busy day

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.

                                                                                Albert Einstein


Shomberg (John)

It has been a busy morning once again down at Flint Cottage with plenty of activity in the yard. The horses have been going out and cantering, and at first lot we only put light sheets on as the temperature had really gone up. When trotting round the indoor ride the horses can easily get too warm with the heavy sheets on. A few visitors have been calling in to the office and an especially welcome one was Ray Smith who brought me a bag of his lovely potatoes which are always very welcome.

26-chankillo_lauren_2               26-Jenifer_J_Hannah-1

                  Chankillo (Lauren)                                                              Jennifer J (Hannah)

We are taking down a few of the leylandii trees at Flint Cottage garden this week and pruning 6ft off the rest. I planted these trees 30 years ago and it has amazed me just how quickly they have grown. Unfortunately they also block out all the light and consequently the garden had been becoming rather dark, and with the grass on the lawn deteriorating something had to be done. Once they are all down we will begin to re-design the garden; restoring it to its former glory.


David and Darren also getting exercise removing the trees.

You may have seen yesterday that Beat Hollow had been sold by Juddmonte Farm to Ballylinch Stud in Ireland to be used a dual purpose stallion. This was very unfortunate as I have always used him with great success, and had two booked to him this year. Our best one would have been Ted Spread who won the Chester Vase Group 3, and was placed in several other group races. I have two very nice two year olds by him this year, and one mare on the stud is in foal to him. I am sure he will be a great success in Ireland, and although Ballylinch is already a top class stud they will certainly benefit from having him. We had previously sent mares over to Bob Back who stood there and our St Ledger winner Bob's Return was by him.


Marvo (Steve)

In other news we have now well and truly joined the modern generation as we are on both Facebook and Twitter. I would encourage you to follow our progress and updates on both these platforms as there always something of interest happening. twitter_link_photo


Returning from Warren Hill - Second lot