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Blue sky between the showers

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain

Edward De Bono


Astrolibra (Abby) Zenarinda (Dan) Astroscarlet (Abbi)

It has once again been a very wet start to the morning, with the rain pouring down. Judging by the state of the roads it appears to have been raining most of the night. We have had another horse arrive from Ireland this morning, and when discussing with the driver how bad the crossing had been on the Irish Sea, I was surprised to hear that it had been remarkable calm. It may have just been lucky for them that they had in fact been following the rain.

Lucky for us we have the indoor school meaning that first lot was able to keep dry, and by the time second lot was due to turn out the weather had started to clear up, so  that fortunately we only had to suffer the wet walking grounds. In preparation for tomorrow we gave our two runners a pipe opener up Warren Hill.

    27-Smokey_OakyJohn_chankillo_Lauren             27-No_RulesIain_Marvo_Steve

            Smokey Oakey and Chankillo                                             No Rules and Marvo

An interesting report on the Italian racing crisis appears in the Racing Post today. They are still yet to have a meeting this year, and it doesn’t look hopeful for the future. I remember going to the races one day last year with Luca Cumani. He was telling me about the lack of investment in the racing industry over in Italy and that no new stands or improvements to anything had been undertaken for years. The general consensus is that there is huge potential, if only they could get the investment. It’s a very interesting article and as Luca says, they should begin with a blank sheet of paper and be allowed to start again. If only our new man, Mr Bittar, could do that.


Tractor Power Harrowing Warren Hill

We have now finalised all our mating plans for the mares this year. Angie loves studying the pedigrees. It is  always it is a difficult task trying to decide which stallions will be successful and fashionable in the future. On the whole we do not breed to sell but to race - very few are sold  and this is only the case if owners have plenty coming into training. Inspection of the stallions is another thing that should be done every year as their physical well being can be a major factor.

This side of the business is great fun and one we both enjoy, there is always plenty of banter and satisfaction when it all comes right.


Guv'nor giving advice as the string return.