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A light flurry

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"The universe never did make sense; I suspect it was built on government contract."

Robert A. Heinlein.


Smokey Oakey leading Second Lot up Warren Hill

A damp and cold old morning at Flint Cottage, with a slight mizzle of sleet/snow falling in the yard at present. The horses were completely mad this morning, bucking and kicking everywhere, but first lot had a good trot of over four miles in the indoor ride. Second lot did a couple of canters, and the two year olds are at present having a canter in the indoor ride. Iain went off at the crack of dawn to move some mares from Garrowby to where they are being covered. I hope it is not too snowy up in Yorkshire and that the roads are clear.


Farrier paying a visit this morning

I see the Chief Executive of the Racecourse Association is already criticising the Horsemen’s Group for trying to increase the Sunday tariffs. He is saying that the racecourses will have to reassess their whole programme if this new tariff comes in. I would rather we had no racing at all on a Sunday and all the money be saved and distributed between the other six days prize money. There is only so much money a family can spend on going racing or other activities at the weekend. I feel that the costs to a family are way too high, so from a spectator’s point of view it is not even on their radar. It certainly shouldn’t be on any professional’s radar either, as there is no commercial sense in racing for the poor  prize money as it stands at the moment.


Jennifer J (Hannah) Astrolibra (Dan)

We have a few runners planned for the week, but the weather forecast is not looking very hopeful with -6 degrees forecast over the next few days. This will certainly put any racing on the grass off, and there are many courses already planning inspections from the middle of the week onwards. It looks like all-weather racing will be the only alternative this week.


The Guv'nor discussing matters with James Toller

Very sorry about the FIVE-TO-FOLLOW competition as due to a technical hitch we were still on the 2011 horses in training list. It will be changed today – hopefully, and from tomorrow onwards entries will be taken. I will confirm all that on tomorrow’s site. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Returning from cantering up Warren Hill