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Bright and frosty

Wednesday, 01 February 2012

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something."



Shomberg (John) Topamichi (Lauren)

It’s a very frosty morning. I think it’s about -4 or 5 at present and although I was going to start everything cantering this morning I instead changed my plans and stayed in the indoor ride. I think for a day or two it will be sensible, rather than taking the risk of icy approaches to the canters.  Saying that, it would be great to start giving these horses a bit more work as they are mad fresh and turning inside out when they are exercised. Tomorrow looks like another really cold day and we have already talked to the clerk of the course at Towcester this morning who says that tomorrow’s meeting is very much in doubt. I would expect most grass courses to be.


Shomberg leading third lot around the indoor ride

There is a good article in the Racing Post today on the dangers we face from too much racing and the newspapers not having the space or the inclination to print every card on a daily basis. It’s very well worth reading, and although at the moment it’s only the Guardian and Independent who are dropping cards on a regular basis, we must be aware that with the amount of racing we are now producing there is a big danger that other papers will do likewise.

There is far and away too much mundane racing which puts even the most hardened professional off watching or being interested in it. I’m sure the old adage - small is beautiful - is right.

I will get on my soap box once again and state that we have wrecked the Derby meeting; we have wrecked the July meeting and the Champions Day. Why this has all been allowed is completely beyond both my any normal person’s reasoning. If we don’t speak out, once the newspapers - and this includes the red tops, start to drop the cards our industry will only go one way. We have had Racing For Change trying to give us a narrative for people to follow but we have always had a narrative which has worked well for decades. We have now had foisted upon us this new quango, which without any foresight has tried to change the whole look of the sport.

The bookmakers have pushed for more and more racing, the racecourses want more racing as they cannot lose with the money they get from media rights etc, but I think this is all very short-sighted. If we don’t get back to people getting excited and not being able to wait to watch a race of quality we are only going one way.


Dine Out (Iain) followed by Battery Power (Hannah)

Our FIVE-TO-FOLLOW competition for 2012 is now up and running, and once again I apologise for the technical glitch at the start of the week. You can win a share in a racehorse for the 2013 season and it is very worthwhile having a go at. Tell all your friends and good luck.


Battery Power (Hannah) LikeitLikeitLikeit (Abby) Marsh Dragon (Liam)