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Bright and snowy

Monday, 06 February 2012

"The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket"

Frank Hubbard.


A snowy view over Warren Hill

There has been plenty of snow over the weekend, starting on Saturday night and really lashing it down with between 6 and 9 inches settling. We were lucky to get our runners home from Lingfield before it started and I think Iain just made it by about half an hour. There has been plenty of shovelling and salt being applied everywhere, both in the yard and the walking grounds, which has made it safe for everybody to go out and canter. It’s a lovely bright morning which makes it great to be out on the Heath and the first two lots have been out and had a good exercise.


Shomberg , Topamichi , Star-of-missouri,  Frederick Alfed

Our runners at the weekend all ran OK.  Marvo didn’t get the best of rides as you cannot come up the inside at Lingfield. The instructions were not to do so at any cost but they obviously went in and out very quickly.  Smokey had a good blow but did see Gatwick at times, and Jennifer J ran very creditably and we will see what handicap mark she gets for her races on the turf.  Today we have one runner, Akula at Wolverhampton in the last at 6pm. He has just left with David and Khalid. This is his first run on the flat for 103 days and it is over two months since he ran over hurdles. He got cast in his box and pulled a few muscles which held him up, but this should put him straight for going back over hurdles shortly.

    6-_Darren_clearing_snow_to_horse_walker       6_Guvnors_Snowman

       Darren clearing the Horse Walker                              The Guv'nor's Snowman

There is a lot of talk about when and how soon clerks of the course should call off those meetings which are in doubt due to the weather. How the clerk of the course at Kempton could state there was no Saturday night snow forecast early in the week, when the fixture was planned, I don’t know anybody living in the real world would have seen that was the day it was going to come down. I have full sympathy with any of the trainers who have had to send runners away overnight because the cost of travelling horses is horrendous, and when the meeting is off there is no compensation and no comeback. I am all for getting racing on but a good clerk of the course should give the call early and not keep having inspections as if this is the case the meeting should never be on in the first place.


The Guv'nor with first lot returning

A good weekend for Phil and Ian, with Arsenal managing to score a few goals. The Owls are now in the promotion places after their win against Yeovil. England won the rugger but are struggling in the Test.  Ian had been regaling us with stories about his boys’ weekend away in Edinburgh where he went first class on the train, spent two days in the pub drinking and eating and watching sport. We are all very jealous. He says he won’t be allowed to do it again for at least two more years, though!


Second lot walking back down the Town Canter