Horse welfare is paramount ...

The thaw is underway

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

“The first precept was never to accept a thing as true until I knew it as such without a single doubt.”

Rene Descartes.


Star Commander (Abby)

A fair amount of the snow and ice has disappeared from both the yard and Heath overnight and this morning it’s quite calm and definitely nowhere near as cold. Unbelievably there were some people cantering on the turf at first lot which I think must be absolutely barmy. There must be still some frost in the ground after it being -14 for a couple of days so good luck to them I say. I just hope that at evening stables all their legs are still in one piece.

We have stayed on the polytrack surfaces up Warren and Long Hill which seemed to be in great shape. There are still a few mounds of snow hanging about and as the old saying goes – If they are hanging about they are waiting for more.

     14-_Five_Hearts_Dan         14-_Eanans_Bay_Lee

                         Five  Hearts (Dan)                                                          Eanans Bay (Lee)

I see the whip rules raised their head again yesterday at Wolverhampton.  I didn’t see the race so can not comment on it, but from the still picture it looks that the horse was hanging badly and corrective measures were being used. There is still a very grey area in these rules and they certainly need clarifying further. If only they would bite the bullet and go back to the original ones which worked well in the first place. If it’s not broken, don’t mend it, is another great saying.

     14-_Mystery_Star_Lauren         14-_Toptempo_Hannah

                    Mystery Star (Lauren)                                                 Toptempo (Hannah)

Another interesting article in the Racing Post on the bloodstock page is on the comparisons of foaling dates in relation to how the horses run on the racetrack. It has always been thought that early foaling dates i.e. January and February give horses a big advantage, but I have never thought this to be right and the article on page 13 shows that to be the case.

     14-_Cotton_Grass_Butch         14-_Astromagic_Rhea

                     Cotton Grass (Butch)                                                      Astromagick (Rhea)

It’s the type of horse and the trainer that people should look for when backing early season two year olds. This is the great thing about our sport; there is no right and wrong way to do anything. A good pedigree and conformation certainly help but soundness and a good heart aligned with willingness will always win out in the end.


Cotton Grass and Star Commander leading second lot home