It's Champions weekend ...

A very busy morning out on the Heath

Friday, 17 February 2012

"All men by nature desire knowledge."



The Guv'nor watching second lot from the top of Long Hill

It is another mild morning with no wind, and as usual the Heath has been its busy self, especially at first lot when it seemed every horse in Newmarket was descending across to Bury Side. We missed most of the congestion by going up Long Hill which seemed much quieter. The forecast is for it to turn much colder for a couple of days before another mild week, so it looks like we can start to really get the horses on the move and up their work. It is now only six weeks to the start of the turf season.


My Guardian Angel (Wajid) Like Clockwork (Lee)

There is some great racing today in the reallocated fixture at Newbury, with the course giving free entry to racegoers. This may or may not be a good idea with pros and cons. The one disappointment I would have is that it will certainly take racegoers away from a meeting at Sandown which would raise money for Help For Heroes. There will I’m sure be some top class racing though at Newbury, and for those wanting to run Cheltenham-bound horses it will prove invaluable.


Astroscarlet (Abbi) Battery Power (Robbie)

Angie and I had a conducted tour of the new National Horse Racing Museum project yesterday afternoon, and I can only say how impressed we were with the whole set-up. It will be without doubt a fantastic museum with so many exhibits and interactive things to see and do. The retraining of racehorses and equine art will be seen to great effect, along with a much enlarged museum complex. Much thought has gone into the planning and setting out of the five-acre complex and hopefully it will start to come to fruition in the near future. I will keep you updated with progress, but you can see it on the website


The string returning home after a good workout