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A lovely morning and start to the day

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”



Like Clockwork (Dan) Five Hearts (Lauren)

Although a bright morning it’s deceptively cold with a slight breeze which goes right through you. I still needed my waterproof trousers and a big jacket at both first and second lot. We have upped the work this morning with everything doing two canters up Warren Hill, and this good conditioning work will be very beneficial when we start to increase the speed in early March.

      21-_Batery_Power_Robbie       21-_Astromagick_Abbi

                   Battery Power (Robbie)                                                Astromagick (Abbi)

Marvo ran his usual consistent race yesterday to finish third. He was only beaten a length and a half by the first two and I thought it was a creditable effort without the blinkers. We have sent Akula all the way down to Taunton to run today, but the race is well worth going for as it is £20,000 guaranteed against a tariff of £16,000. So very well done to Taunton who have got every race today well above tariff and set a great example to all other race tracks in similar positions to them as to how to attract good fields. If the tracks put on this sort of money, the professionals will go even if it’s a long way to travel. Just look at the other example of the Musselburgh card of two weeks ago. Good prize money and good racing – it’s not rocket science.


Comrade Bond, Chankillo, Joe The Coat

It’s fascinating to see headlines on the front of the Racing Post of the news that there is coughing and infection in some of the big jumping yards. What do they think happened to Sir Michael Stoute, Michael Bell and me among others last year on the flat? The movement of horses and the amount of racing we have means that the stables cannot be cleaned out and disinfected between horses as they should be. The racecourses would say that the cost is so prohibitive, but once one horse gets the infection it can quickly spread and can stay around all season if you are unlucky, regardless of what the vets can give them.


Ron (Lee) Star Commander (Abby)

I see that the BHA is having a meeting today on the whip rules once again. It’s nearly like the euro zone having another summit on the Greek debacle. I hope they don’t just tinker with the rules which I fear they will do as this will cause more confusion and debate than is already going on. We will have so many different interpretations coming from so many different stewards and stipendiary stewards, that there will be no consistency. Jim McGrath wrote a great article yesterday in the Racing Post, very much on the lines of what I have been saying about this rule, that we must scrap it and go back to the old one. Educate the public that the whip cannot hurt horses and is just used for guidance and encouragement. If they had done that in the first place and used common sense, none of this absolute rubbish would have happened.


Bird Of Faith - being retrained as a polo pony

Another thing to comment on is the very few runners at Southwell today. I have never understood why Southwell has persevered with the fibresand rather then the polytrack, especially when it was flooded out a few years ago. There is next to nobody now with fibresand gallops. We at Newmarket did away with ours several years ago and if Southwell did change it would be the best all weather track in the country with its long straight and sweeping bends. They would never be short of runners or people using the facilities. I hope that they will change the surface in the next year or two.

21-_Finger_SpinAstroverdi_and_Bird_Of_FaithFinger Spin,Astrovenus and Bird Of Faith with Phil and Holly