Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

A much warmer start

Thursday, 23 February 2012

“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.”

Oscar Wilde.


Second lot getting a good work-out up Warren Hill turf

A much warmer morning and the forecast is for it to get up to seventeen degrees today, which is only two degrees off the record for this time of year. We have had everything out cantering on the grass at Warren Hill both first and second lot. We had a reasonable shower of rain yesterday and although there is not much cover it is riding well.

      23-_Chankillo_Rhea_Like_Clockwork_Abby        23-_Star_Commander_Iain_Joe_The_Coat_Wajid

                   Chankillo, Like Clockwork                                     Star Commander, Joe The Coat

It is amazing how quickly the new season creeps up on you and there is great optimism within the yard about the coming year. After last year’s virus-ridden time, the horses seem and look very healthy and everything is moving ahead smoothly. They are all eating well and if we continue to have mornings such as this their coats will start to fly out. I will start some faster work in early March which will put the finishing touches on some of them and educate the ones that didn’t run last year.


First lot returning through The Plantation      

Still no new foals to report, however a few of them are, as I have said before, bursting to have them. This warmer weather must help, and I am sure I will be reporting new arrivals shortly, especially to Seasonal Blossom, Astromancer and Dulcie who are all looking very well and fat.


There has been a great series in the Racing Post over the last few weeks on walks that are available around the various training centres of the country. I have read every one of them with great interest. They have all been very educational and I imagine must be great fun to walk. There have been a few replies from people who have walked them and they have all been very complimentary, so it was very disappointing to read the one about Newmarket today which I had been looking forward to. The journalist involved has always been interesting to read with his various articles, but whether he was told to go to this certain point and walk half a mile down and back I don’t know. There is so much more to Newmarket with its great walks and history that this article didn’t do justice to.

We got little snatches of interest from the past but it could have been so much better. There is no need to try to be funny in these articles. In fact at times this one degenerated to smut, which is always a sign of desperation. The one last week around Peter Makin’s famous gallops and village was marvellous, but this one was very poor. I hope somebody else can do another one and reflect the true nature and beauty of the area. If they need any advice I know where they can get it.


The Guv'nor overseeing second lot as they come home