Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

A cooler and quieter start

Monday, 27 February 2012

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful will win.”

Roger Bannister.


John and Bridget Brenchley with their foal by Medicean

A coolish morning but a very quiet one on the Heath; I didn’t know where everybody had gone at first lot and it felt more like a Sunday morning with only a few other strings about. We had two good canters at first lot, with a pipe opener for the two runners tomorrow. Then second and third lot had healthy canters up Warren Hill. If the forecast is correct and we have a warmish week the horses coats will really start to fly out. This is a very good guide as to the wellbeing and readiness of horses, as when their summer coats start to appear you know they are well on the way. If they still look wintery you have to give them a bit more time to come to themselves.

     27-_Foal_1          27-_Megs_foal_1

             Optimistic's foal with Akram                      Astromancer's foal hiding in the straw

All the foals are progressing well and each is very different with its own characteristics, Astromancer’s is a great big colt by Royal Applause who has needed a little bit of attention, but has responded really well and I think we are now well on the road. Seasonal Blossom’s colt by Medicean is a real live wire and gallops round his box tormenting his mother, and Optimistic’s filly by Halling is a cracker, she has real presence and knows that she is something special. A few more of the mares are showing signs, and it is all change in the foaling boxes today. This entails steam cleaning and disinfecting between occupants which is done as a matter of course at this time of year. Cleanliness is our top priority.


Shomberg (John) leading third lot around the indoor ride

There was an interesting letter from Betfair in the Racing Post yesterday which took up a whole page. The gist being - it was a disgrace that the BHA and their chairman were in partnership with William Hill, and were pursuing a judicial review of the levy boards decision in regard to the fact that the big hitters on the betting exchanges should not be hit for tax. There will be a big cost to both sides with this review and it will be very interesting to see the outcome.


A great weekend for the office; with Arsenal managing a tremendous come back to beat Spurs. But the win of the day was obviously at Hillsborough where I witnessed the Owls beating the old enemy 1-0. Over thirty six thousand were there and the place was rocking. If only we could progress up the league and get back to our rightful place in the premiership. I am sure we are on the right road at present.


Third lot returning home - lead by Shomberg John