In and out as quickly as possible ...

A very blustery day

Monday, 05 March 2012

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.”



Cantering up Warren Hill

What a weekend of weather, we had plenty of rain and even a covering of snow on Sunday evening. This morning it is absolutely perishing with the wind making all the difference. When we had that spell of snow a few weeks ago, it didn’t feel as cold as we had no wind. But today, with a proper wind, it goes right through you. It has not stopped us getting the horses out, and some good cantering work into them. In fact it’s better to be on the move rather than standing still. I think a mixed week ahead is forecast.


A busy Exeter Road

The build up to The Festival continues and I am sure we have not heard the last twist and turn to happen. Trainers will be putting their final touches to the horses, with searching gallops, and schooling sessions. These are when any small chink in the armour can be detected, and dreams are made or deflated. Let’s hope we have a tremendous four days, with plenty of excitement, both horses and jockeys coming back safe and no whip bans! Phil and I will be having our normal tipping competition and we will be letting you know the details of our Flint Cottage league that is run daily in The Telegraph.


Five Hearts (Lauren) Battery Power (Butch) Toptempo (Hannah)

We have been removing the trees from the Flint Cottage garden in dribs and drabs, as men are required at varying places, and it’s been hard to get them all together to do this job. The trees that have needed removing have been chopped down - as you can see from the photo below. We just now need to remove the stumps, which is a job in itself, and we have started taking the tops out of the others using a cherry picker. I am sure once it is finished it will be a great improvement, and the garden will be rejuvenated.


Work in progress

A jubilant Phil and Ian this morning after The Gunner’s win at Anfield and I am feeling quite lucky as The Owls got away with a draw at Rochdale despite the home side missing a penalty. At least Sheffield United threw away a two goal lead which if they had not, would have put them nearly out of sight.


Shomberg (John) On The Rocks (Abbi) Marvo (Steve)