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The education really starts

Tuesday, 06 March 2012

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

Oscar Wilde.


Heading out after a few laps of the indoor ride

A damp morning and the temperature is not very high, but the wind is only light thank goodness; so there is no real chill factor. We have had a busy morning already with first lot going down to the Al Bahathri which entailed a three canter morning. We will be doing something similar with second lot, and then the third lot two year olds will be starting to bunch up when they are cantering. This is the time of year education really starts.


Jennifer J (Rhea) Zenarinda (Abby) Lady Bellatrix (Robbie)

I hope this is the last time we hear of the whip rule, but doubt very much that it will be. I think Paul Bittar, the new chief executive, has tried to get to grips with the matter and sort it out before Cheltenham. Everybody will have a few days now to see how it settles in, but with no real competitive racing other than Saturday beforehand; it may be that we will only have the cut and thrust of The Festival to see how it really works. It is so disappointing that this happened in the first place, and everybody just hopes now it will fade away.


The Guv'nor talking to Ray Smith about horses and potatoes

There is an article today in the Racing Post about the speed of the TV pictures and how quickly they are beamed from the Racecourse. This only affects the in-running punters who have a very disadvantaged position compared to the players at the course. Sometimes the delay is five to seven seconds, especially at "At The Races" tracks. I have always thought the people on course couldn’t loose, and that the people playing at home had no chance. I don’t know whether it is common knowledge or not, but most of the hospitality boxes at the racecourses are now full of computer wizards trying to get an edge.


Turning for home after a workout up Warren Hill turf