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A thick fog

Monday, 12 March 2012

The things taught in schools are not an education but the means of an education.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Star Commander (Butch) leading first lot out of the indoor ride

A foggy start to the morning and it hadn’t got any clearer by the time of writing this at half past nine. It doesn’t look like clearing up any time soon. The fog makes it pretty cold and a big coat was required at both of the first two lots. After Saturday’s flu and herpes injections we are having a very quiet morning, staying in the indoor ride, mainly just walking round with the occasional gentle trot. One or two of them have been off their feed and their temperatures have slightly risen. This is a direct result of the injections and they will just need time to get over them properly. However, I am sure that it will be of great benefit to us throughout the year and help us keep clear of the bugs we got last season.


New Approach ex Birthday Suit

A yearling at Garrowby owned by Lady Halifax

It’s the start of a fantastic week with The Cheltenham Festival starting tomorrow. By all accounts the ground is in great shape, as many people have walked the track and reported this to be the case. The clerk of the course has been watering for quite a while now and I suspect he will put a bit more on if there is no rain during the week. I am sure it will be a great week and let’s hope that all horses and jockeys come back safe and sound. The Flint Cottage League in the Daily Telegraph is proving popular, with at present more than thirty entries. We print the rules and entry information below. Have a go and try to beat The Guv’nor - who won it last year.

The details are:

Super League Name:

Flint Cottage League

Super League PIN:


 Telegraph Fantasy Cheltenham is completely free to play and the main competition offers:

  • An iPad2 and £1000 first prize
  • £200 for the best selector each day
  • Scores and private leagues updated after every single race
  • Select horses up to the start of each race

Just click on the link below and complete our simple registration process. Once you've registered you'll be able to join Flint Cottage League by accessing the My League menu option and selecting 'Join' - you'll need to use the Super League PIN and Name shown above to join.

Click here to get started.

Good luck.

Telegraph Fantasy Cheltenham


Halling ex Optimistic foal born 24th February

Owned by Mystic Meg Ltd

Over the last month or two there have been several articles in the Racing Post of world wide interest. They have really been asking the question, why aren’t the rules of racing the same in every country? Firstly, in America the medication rule keeps raising it head. To begin with they banned the use of some substances on race day but, once they were put under pressure by the horsemen, the rule was rescinded. The American horses used to be very popular with the European market, but this has shrunk greatly over the last few years as many horses have not come up to scratch. The sooner the Americans bring in a universal rule, the better. There will not be any confidence in buying their horses if they cannot get an agreement. Secondly, we see the rules in India with Richard Hughes being banned for seven weeks for not riding to instructions. This rule is not in many rule books and, once again, if all countries operated in the same way life would be much easier. We can do it in most sports so why can’t we do it in racing? This might be one thing that the BHA could get right.


The string returning across The Severals on Friday