It's Champions weekend ...

The first day of The Festival

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

"The race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong -

but that's the way to bet."



Cotton Grass (Iain)

A funny old morning as it's overcast, not too cold, and there is a slight mizzle in the air which was definitely not forecast. It's great to report that the horses are feeling much better, with a clean round last night of the mangers and so far so good this morning after two lots with the temperatures normal. They have been going round the indoor ride with much more life in them and I will be resuming cantering tomorrow morning.
(These photographs were taken on Saturday.)


Cantering up Long Hill - My Guardian Angel, Astrogold, Lady Bellatrix

Plenty of activity in the office this morning with the first day of Cheltenham upon us, and everybody is making their selections for the Flint Cottage League - see yesterday's Daily News for details of how to enter. We are now up to 51 in our individual league, and there is plenty of competition not only within the League itself but within the office too. Phil has that quiet look of assurance that he is past the post already; Ian, with his bookmaker's hat on, is trying to work out the over-round so he cannot lose; the Guv'nor , as normal, thinks he's a certainty.


The Guv'nor giving instructions at the top of Long Hill

If you have never been to Cheltenham, and I say this every year, it is one of those things that you must do before getting too old. It is a unique occasion, and of course the Irish 'invaders' add tremendously to the atmostphere. My advice is to get there very early and, if possible, go by helicopter! Phil has just spouted up about the time he flew there with Sir Mark Prescott in a small plane when Halkopous ran in the Champion Hurdle and finished third. It was an eventful flight down with Sir Mark looking decidedly green, but it was much smoother coming back.


Walking back in


Carol helping out at Dullingham while we are busy

As usual Phil and I are having our tipping competition which sometimes can get very close, but I am very confident this year of running away with it. Our choices are below.

Cheltenham Festival 2012


                              The Guv'nor's tips                                                          Phil's Tips

                              Race Times:                                                                            Race Times:

                              1:30 - Midnight Game                                                          1:30 - Cinders and Ashes

                              2:05 - Cue Card                                                                       2:05 - Sprinter Sacre

                              2:40 - Magnanimity                                                              2:40 - Quantitativeeasing

                              3:20 - Binocular                                                                     3:20 - Hurricane Fly

                              4:00 - Garde Champetre                                                     4:00 - Uncle Junior

                              4:40 - Quevega                                                                        4:40 - Quevega

                              5:15 - Carrickboy                                                                    5:15 - Bless The Wings