It's Champions weekend ...

It feels like mid-summer

Friday, 23 March 2012

“We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are.”

Anaïs Nin.


The Guv'nor and Alan with some of the fillies at Garrowby

It is once again an unbelievably warm morning for this time for year. It’s only March 23rd but it feels like mid-summer. A lot of the strings have been going out without sheets on as it has been so nice and their winter coats will be flying out at evening stables. First lot went across to the Cambridge Road polytrack which they have not done for many years as the grass is usually good at this time of year. We have been using Waterhall and Across The Flat in the past at this time of year, but because of the drought the ground is unusable at present, and the polytrack on the Cambridge Road has come into play. The lads reported that it rode very well and everybody, human and horses, did as they were told. Second lot did a good healthy exercise up the short and long on Bury Side, and the rest have just had a good healthy exercise.


Akula (Liam) Ron (Lee)

This week's budget statement on the betting industry still continues to cause the bookmakers to  say it will hit the racing industry more than them, and that there is no need to relocate back to this country. I am sure the BHA chief Paul Bittar is on the case and although we won't see any great change quickly change is coming. Over the next few years, if we all work together, the industry could start to get back on track.


Marvo (Steve) Smokey Oakey (Iain)

I note that Redcar racecourse is upset over The Horsemens’ Group, when they declined to give them entry into the new bonus scheme races. This money is only going to the courses that meet the tariffs and put 40% of what they should do into prize-money. I am afraid Redcar has a very poor record on this and personally I am very disappointed that this has happened. I like the course and have had many winners there over the years. I am sure with a bit of work and initiative the course could get back to being very popular and successful.


The Guv'nor talking to Sir Mark Prescott

with his nephew Ben and Shippo

I had a long day yesterday with a visit up to Garrowby to see the weanlings and all of the other horses we have there. It was once again a nice day and the horses look absolute pictures. It is amazing how quickly they develop between visits and I am starting to get excited already about next year's intake of two year olds. We have a tremendous staff, both at Dullingham and Garrowby, very dedicated and experienced. It makes all the difference to the horses as they are treated professionally right from when they are first born through to coming into training at Flint Cottage.


Dutch Art ex Seasonal Blossom

A filly at Garrowby owned by Mr John Brenchley