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A fantastic morning again

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

“You see, but you do not observe.”
 Arthur Conan Doyle.


Coming up the Mactrac

A very calm morning both horses and humans seeming to be in a very quiet mode thank goodness. After yesterday's work morning we have just been having a walk, gentle canter and a good pick of grass in the sunshine. It’s been difficult to find any growth of grass anywhere on The Heath but, if you have been here as long as I have, you know the best places.


Ron (Lee) My Guardian Angel (Wajid) Akula (Liam)

I met up with Graham Locking the racing vicar this morning up on The Heath and he accompanied me on my walk over towards the Warren Hill canter. He does a tremendous job for the whole of the industry - most of which is unseen and unpublicised. It is amazing how many strings chat to him as they walk by and the job he does is without doubt a great help to everybody. He is hoping to set up a few branches of his work in some of the other racing areas like Middleham, Malton and Lambourn but it will be very hard to find just the right people.


The Guv'nor with Cotton Grass (Butch)


Having a pick of grass

Iain and David set off early to go to Garrowby and collect four horses that have been having a break up there. Having the facilities that we have there is a marvellous addition to the unit and the horses do so well up there in the relaxed atmosphere and on good grassland. Today we are getting back Old Boy Ted, Locum, Sleigh Bells and Astroleo. They have all been up there for varying reasons and when I saw them the other day I was absolutely delighted with them. Alan and his team have had them on the walker for the last month and now they are ready to start being ridden once again.

      28-_Astroleo    28-_Old_Boy_Ted   28-_Locum

                     Astroleo                                  Old Boy Ted                                    Locum

This warm weather is great for the new born foals as they can have a little bit more time out in the paddocks and the ground is not too slippery.  Consequently they can canter round and enjoy themselves as you can see from the video below. At this time of year you start to see their characters developing. “Tinkerbell”, as we all call this filly, is the first foal out of Dulcie. She has a very happy personality and enjoys life to the full. She flies rounds her mother in one of the nursery paddocks at every opportunity.

      28-_Tinkerbell_2         28-_Tinkerbell_1

The Guv'nor says "She's practising to go round Chester"