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A morning of fast work

Tuesday, 03 April 2012

“When you look at yourself from a universal standpoint, something inside always reminds or informs you that there are bigger and better things to worry about”
Albert Einstein.


The Guv'nor giving instructions (Lady Bellatrix)

A bit of a better morning than yesterday although the temperature is still pretty low. There is no sign of the forecast rain, or heavy cloud, and I am beginning to think it may be in the forecasters' imagination. At first lot we took some horses over to the Cambridge Road polytrack again as the grass is still too hard for us to work on. This track seems to be in very good condition and there were several trainers using it this morning. All of our horses moved very well, and the riders carried out their orders correctly, so I was in a good mood until at least 9 o’clock! We will be doing a bit with second lot and then the two year olds can have a good canter together later on.


Chankillo (Nikki) Comrade Bond (Eddie) My Guardian Angel (Robbie)

It is the start of the breeze-up sale season this week with Goffs and Kempton having sales, before moving on to Doncaster and Newmarket. These sales have grown over the last ten years or so, and are now a big revenue earner for the boys who produce these horses. There are some good ones that come out of it, and the producers have refined their purchases to what the clientele want. For those of you who do not know what a breeze-up sale is, I will explain.

Yearlings are bought in the autumn of 2011; they are broken in, ridden, and taught how to gallop before being offered for sale, ready to run in the spring of 2012. They are put through their paces on the track before the sale. This gives prospective purchasers the opportunity to see how they move, and get an inkling of their ability. You can then bid for and try to buy your fancy in the ring. A good idea in principle but, like all sales, it requires careful filtering and knowledge along with a bit of luck. If anybody fancies this way of buying a racehorse in the next few weeks, please give me a ring, and we can discuss it.


Ron (Wajid)

I had to laugh earlier when reading about the betting shop robber who was jailed for life today. He had several disguises including wigs, false beards, side burns and hats to alter his appearance. He also had an Elvis Presley costume, which must have been the best of his disguises. He will be singing Jail House Rock now!


The Guv'nor watching the string on Long Hill