A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

A bright, blue-sky morning

Friday, 06 April 2012

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”
Pope John Paul II.


Chankillo (Rhea) leads Mystery Star (Lauren)

A very bright, blue-sky morning, and after a moonlit night quite a heavy frost. In fact, when I was driving in this morning I couldn’t see a thing through the windscreen after putting my water jets on as the screen froze up solidly. I had to do a swift stop and scrape the windows.

First lot once again went over to Racecourse Side to work on the Cambridge Road polytrack. Both the Summer Gallop and Short Gallop on The Limekilns were open for the first time today. I think it is crackers as we have had no growth of grass, but I believe there has been some pressure from certain trainers to open it. It can only do harm as the roots will be disturbed and take much longer to repair. In fact, I watched some horses come on the Summer Gallop and it was really rattling, whereas the Cambridge Road was in perfect condition.


My Guardian Angel (Robbie) bringing up Rayvin Black (Nikki)

It was The Lesters last night, which is the jockeys’ annual prize-giving ceremony for their champions and other high achievers. I see they gave Phillip Robinson the special recognition award, which was very well deserved. Paul Hanagan and A.P won their respective categories, and what great examples they set for the younger generation.  


Dazinski (Steve)

It is open day today at both Lambourn and Middleham. It is now always on Good Friday - it suits both centres as a lot of the jumpers have finished. They are smaller places to get round and it is easier to see many of the stables. As you know, this year our Newmarket open day is on the 23rd September. As yet we don’t know how many yards can be visited but I shall be opening the Exeter Ride yard where we shall have swimming displays every hour.


My younger sister, Nicola, is celebrating her birthday today. She has asked me to put up her sponsorship details for the London Marathon in which she is running on April 22nd. She must be mad, but it’s for some very good causes and if anybody would like to contribute I am sure she will complete the course. The charities will benefit greatly from any support you are able to give.


Click on the picture to see who she is running for and how to contribute.