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Happy Birthday Guv'nor

Saturday, 07 April 2012

“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.”

Larry Lorenzoni.


The Guv'nor


Waiting for a string to pass before loading them up

An overcast and cool morning, and the forecast is for showers at the weekend followed by a good heavy downpour on Monday. Let's hope that for once they are right as the expected rain would  really put the grass gallops into shape. We have had a mixed morning, with first lot doing plenty, and then a couple of horses going through the stalls at second lot. These two didn’t run last year but are due to make their debuts early in the week - they just need reminding what to do. All the rest will just have a good healthy exercise.


Both horses loaded, and Darren getting out of the way

It is a quiet weekend on the racing front, with only Kempton all weather and Musselburgh on the flat. It’s crackers that we can’t get the start of the flat season organised, and over this Easter weekend as well. There is no proper racing at all and something needs to be done about it. A few heads need to be knocked together to get it right. We were hoping to have a runner today – Mystery Star – at Kempton, but he had a slight temperature yesterday and it was still up this morning. It’s nothing to worry about really but at this stage in the season I am not going to take any chances. He is a really nice horse who can run in proper races and we don’t want to set him back now.

        7-_Gates_back       7-_A_level_break

                                    Gates back                                                                       A level break

A small article on page 22 of The Racing Post today announces that Canada and Denmark are the latest countries to broadcast British and Irish racing. It states there are forty countries now taking these broadcasts, as diverse as Kenya and New Zealand. The question I want to ask is – if people are betting on our horses, where is the money that this generates going and how much is there? The owners are the ones who put all the money into these horses and need to get something back. If they were pop stars, film stars, footballers or something similar there would be huge returns, but for some reason the bookmakers and people who run these businesses are very slow in coming forward. It’s about time we stopped, took stock and asked the right questions. This is why we need people with grit in charge.


In full stride

Thank you to the people who have donated to my sister’s marathon run so far. I am sure she will make it and raise plenty of money for the charities. There is still a chance to enter our FIVE-TO-FOLLOW competition, by the way. Just go to the competition page and follow the simple instructions.

The Owls are away at Huddersfield today which should be a cracking match, and Phil and Ian can’t wait until tomorrow when Arsenal play Manchester City. That looks like being a great match, too.

NAG - by Clu

7-_NAG_-Clare_pictureHappy Birthday Guv'nor and Happy Easter to everyone else