Horse welfare is paramount ...

A trip to The Railway Lands

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

“A magnum of Pol Roger is the perfect size for two gentlemen, when one of them is not drinking”

Sir Winston Churchill.


The Guv'nor and the string up Railway Land

A warm morning with plenty of sunshine, and everybody is in good spirits. First lot just did a gentle canter and had a pick of grass on Long Hill, but second lot did a lot more, as I took them to Railway Land where we did a good spin on the grass. I started to bunch some of the two year olds up and really start educating them. It all went well and they look a nice group.

     11-_Haafd_Filly_Nikki       11-_The_Guvnor_Shomberg

                        Haafd filly (Nikki)                                     The Guv'nor and Shomberg (John)

Our runners yesterday were a bit mixed, and only My Guardian Angel covered himself in glory when he finished third. The horses at Pontefract all had different things happen and we found out a bit about them. Comrade Bond needed the run and ran a bit with the choke out; he will come on considerably for it. We will be having our next runner at Leicester on Friday.


A group of two year olds being lead by Marvo

I was talking to my best friend in Ireland last night. We were comparing the two Nationals and how they are portrayed in the press. The Irish one was all about the horse, personalities and how good the race was. Ours is about welfare, the whip and how the general public perceive its use. What complete drivel. The scenario has been badly handled by our powers that be. They need to get across the facts as they are - that race horses are the best looked after animal on the planet - and nobody wants to see anything happen to them. I would make it compulsory that anybody that writes anything about horse racing should have spent at least a month in a trainer’s yard. Then they would see the daily on goings and could write about it in the correct way. Not this sensationalism we constantly get.


            (L-R) Marsh Dragon, Haafd filly, Astrosapphire

Talking about The National and The Derby, I see Julian Wilson - the BBC’s racing correspondent for over thirty years - was saying what a catastrophic mistake it was for the BBC to drop the two races. I can not help but agree with him, and it is down to the leaders of the industry if this all goes wrong. I am nearly certain it will do, with greatly reduced viewing figures. They won’t take the blame though, as those that are making the decisions now will have moved on to somewhere else to make more money. Oh for somebody with racing at heart.


We had another foal yesterday afternoon up at Dullingham. Missoula had a bay filly by Royal Applause. This is her first foal and like all her family she is a very good mother. She was a very good race horse and I can remember her winning at York by a wide margin before being sold. I was delighted when we got her back as a brood mare. I am sure her offspring in the future  will win plenty of races for us.


Bay filly foal by Royal Applause ex Missoula