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Breeze Up sales week begins

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

“Better to die on one's feet than to live on one's knees.”

Jean-Paul Sartre.


The Guv'nor talking to Steve (Marvo) with Iain following (Eanans Bay)

(All the photographs were taken yesterday)

It has been a busy morning as usual for us today, as every Tuesday and Friday are my work days. We get the fast galloping work done with the jockeys out on these two days. People often ask me the day before "where will you be working", as they are short for time and want to go directly to the gallops. My reply is that I change my mind several times a day, as the weather and ground change so quickly. I love getting on the grass gallops as they improve horses no end but it all depends on each individual strip of ground as to how they are riding. So I may have decided to go over to Racecourse Side the night before only for it to pour with rain, and I change my mind to a polytrack surface. This morning we have gone over to Racecourse Side and worked Across The Flat. The overnight showers and wet morning have kept it in great shape.  Both Darryll Holland and Ted Durcan were out with us first lot and Eddie Ahern came for second lot. It's a great help having these jockeys, but I must say this morning that Darryll needed a shave - he looked like that man playing Grizzly Adams!


Topamichi (Lauren) leading the two year old colts home

Frederick Alfred and Star Of Missouri following

Star Commander ran a very satisfactory first run of the season at Windsor yesterday when finishing third, giving lumps of weight away, and only being beaten under a length and a half. I was delighted with this run and he looks to have a good seaon ahead of him.

It’s the first of the Newmarket Breeze Up sales this week which coincides with the Craven Meeting here at Newmarket. The two year olds all breeze on the Water Gallop in pairs, before being sold later on in the day at Tattersalls. They have been arriving from Ireland in great number the last few days, and you see groups of unusual riders heading towards the town canters. Everybody has a chance to view the breezes live, and they are shown later on the in-house TVs at the sales complex, as well as being put up on their website


 The fillies from third lot coming down the walking grounds

Astrogold leads Likelikelikelikeit, Astrosapphire, Barbsiz and Haafd filly

The second part of our farrier series continues today, with Zac concentrating on the balance of the foot. It isn't a case of just banging a shoe on and hoping for the best - if this job isn't done properly it would be like you trying to run for a bus with only one shoe on. The feet of a race horse are most important, as the majority of lameness problems originate from here. So good foot growth, and a professional farrier, are of high importance. Tomorrow he will be fitting the shoe to the foot. Have you worked out why I call him Zac yet?