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A fresh and bright start

Saturday, 21 April 2012

“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
 Thomas A. Edison.


The Guv'nor talking to Steve (Marvo)

It was very showery yesterday and the forecast is for similar today, with plenty of rain again next week. Ever since the hose pipe ban was bought in, it has done nothing but rain. Let’s hope it continues for at least another two weeks and tops up the underground levels. The farmers and growers always say that the rainfall average is out each year, so we are due for plenty if we are to catch up in this area. So far it has been a bright sunny morning, with the grass on Warren Hill in perfect condition. We have been cantering everything on this strip, and then having a pick of grass on Long Hill. All of the horses are very relaxed, just as I like them.


Ron (Wajid)

Ron is available for sale and can be viewed on our updated for sale page

It’s been a busy week in Newmarket with The Carven Meeting and the first Breeze Up sale. We have seen the Classic Trials started and, with Newbury yesterday and today, things are starting to shape up for the season ahead. The flat always gets off to a faltering start and I believe that something should be done to improve the situation. I know people are thinking of how to put this right. Maybe we should have Aintree, and then start the flat with Doncaster, followed quickly by Newmarket. We also need to contemplate having a premier league of Racecourses, with proper prize money in every race. Everybody would have a chance to run if they were lucky enough to have a horse good enough, and I think that the public would like it. All the races would be good class, and people would see plenty of nice horses. The competition would be fierce with prize money down to eighth place, and also appearance money paid. Sponsors would flock in and it could do wonders for our sport. We should not do away with the lower class races but they would be a stepping stone to the premiership. Everybody would have a chance of getting there and unlike football, where you need a whole team of expensive players, you would only need one horse to qualify.

       21-_Blimey_ORiley_Rhea_Battery_Power_Butch       21-_My_Guardian_Angel_John_Joe_The_Coat_Robbie

        (L-R) Blimey O'Riley, Battery Power               My Guardian Angel, Joe The Coat

We are still waiting on our last foal of the year – Tenpence is hanging on– although I thought she was sure to foal last night and it must be any day now. The others are really growing up now, and they go flying round the paddocks with their pals. Most of the mares are getting covered and are tested in foal. We have a video below to show you some of the mares and foals.



The Guv'nor inspecting the horses while having a pick of grass

It is the London Marathon tomorrow, and thank you to anyone who has sponsored my barmy sister who is running in it. She is raising money for some very good causes and I hope she makes it without breaking down.

NAG -By Clu


Good luck to all involved in The Marathon tomorrow

We are nearly at the end of the football season, and Phil is already on edge as Arsenal are taking on Chelsea at lunchtime. The Owls are at home to Carlisle and we must win to keep up the pressure. I had an owner the other day with a great car number plate and he wasn’t even a fan, I shall try to convert him or pinch the number plate!