It's Champions weekend ...

A day to get things right

Monday, 23 April 2012

"Remember that you are an Englishman,
and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life"

Cecil Rhodes.


First lot coming up Warren Hill turf

Another calm morning at least in terms of weather which is more than can be said for me, who has been blowing off steam at everybody left, right and centre. We have been cantering on perfect ground up Warren Hill turf with first two lots, and all has gone well. Let’s hope third lot goes as planned. All the horses are really starting to look pictures, and I couldn’t be happier with how they are moving. We won’t be having many runners early this week, but will start to have some from Thursday onwards. In fact, I have entered horses at five places on Saturday.

   23_-_mY_gUARDIAN_aNGEL_jOHN_Chankillo_Lauren_Joe_The_Coat_Robbie       23-_My_Guardian_Angel_John_Battery_Power_Butch_Chankillo_Lauren

             My Guardian Angel, Chankillo                             Star Commander, Barwick

                          and  Joe The Coat                                                          and Mystery Star

It was interesting to see the report from Bangor who did their own tote system last week. They are the first racecourse to trial this method and Chester will be following suit in May. From all accounts it went well, with plenty of staff on hand. I hope everybody gets to grips with it, as it could be a good revenue stream back into prize money - as well as helping the racecourses concerned to upgrade and improve their facilities. I commend them for this idea, and hope more racecourses will be watching and following suit.


Blimey O'Riley followed by Kathleen Frances and Lady Bellatrix

It’s great to report that my sister completed the marathon in just over five hours, which is a great achievement and thank you to everybody who contributed to her charities. The people who take part in these events and raise so much money for great causes are absolutely marvellous. How they run in all those costumes I will never know.


The Guv'nor watching Toptempo (Nikki) leading Five Hearts (Emelie)

The Owls continue on their winning way with a last gasp winner in the 96th minute. Thank you Mr Referee. They are only one point behind automatic promotion and with a few games left, it could go right down to the wire. Phil and Ian are pretty pleased with their one point but this Champions League fight will be very interesting with a few of them still to play each other.


Second lot retuning down the new walking ground