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The first day of Punchestown

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

“Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation.”
 Kim Hubbard.


The Guv'nor watching the horses come across The Flat

A great quote above and how true, you may say, about this site, but since the drought was declared it has never stopped raining and I am in a great mood. The Heath foreman tells me we have had around 30 mms this month and still counting. The Across The Flat gallop on Racecourse Side was in perfect shape for the first two lots and I took them all over there to do fast work. Ted Durcan met us out and everything went according to plan. My staff - I must give them credit - are carrying out my instructions very well which always helps.

    24-_Barwick_Butch_Smokey_Oakey_Ianin     24_-_Astrogold_Nikki_Red_Hermes_Abbi     24_-_Eanans_Bay_Iain_Battery_Power_Butch

  (L-R) Barwick, Smokey Oakey, Astrogold, Red Hermes, Eanans Bay, Battery Power

Angie and I were up at 4 o’clock this morning when our night man phoned to say he thought Tenpence was foaling, but after an hour she calmed down and is now turned out once again. We will be keeping a very close eye on her, and I would think it will be lunchtime or this afternoon when she decides to have it. We covered Four Miracles last night by Sir Percy, and Dolls House went to Kheleyf this morning, so we are cracking on with getting the mares back in foal. I think ten or eleven are scanned fully in foal, some are pending scans and others are still to visit the stallion. It’s amazing how quickly it all comes round.

     24_-_Like_Clockwork_Robbie_Joe_The_Coat_Ted    24_-_Jenifer_J_Hannah_Toptempo_Nikki_Astromagick_Lauren    24_-_Mystery_Star_Lauren_Chankillo_Harry  (L-R) Like Clockwork, Joe The Coat, Jennifer J, Toptempo, Astromagick,

Mystery Star, Chankillo

It is the first day of the Punchestown Festival today which is one of the must do things in life. Phil used to take a group of Mark Tompkins Racing Club members over every year, and some great times were had. Some of the stories are legendary and will live long in a lot of people's memories. Staunch Friend winning the four year old race there was one of the real highlights. Steve Smith-Eccles always tells the story that he was the only one who cantered to start in the very heavy ground that got there on time, all the others were knackered by the time they arrived. If only jockeys could bet, he said. Phil remembers asking him at what point in the race he thought he was going to win, and his great reply was “on the way to the start”. Great days. It is five days of fantastic racing, memorable craic and everybody should go there at least once.  A good liver and staying power is required in abundance though and a pint of stout or several is the basic requirement. Hot port always goes down well too.

     24-_The_Guvnor_and_Ted_adjecting_tack_Joe_The_Coat     24-_The_Guvnor_talking_to_Nick_Patton_and_Heathman_Mick     24_-_The_Guvnor_talking_to_Ted_Durcan

 (L-R) Adjusting tack, Talking to Nick Patton and Foreman Mick

 Getting feedback from Ted Durcan



A fantastic few days or racing kicks off today at Punchestown