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An eventful morning

Wednesday, 02 May 2012

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”
Walter Bagehot.


 The Guv'nor talking to Steve (Marvo)

It is a funny old morning that started off a bit drizzly and damp but is now sunny and drying up. The ground here on the course is being called soft, but if it stays like this it will certainly go back to nearly good by the weekend. First lot did a gentle canter up Warren Hill and had a quiet walk back in, but we had a lot of excitement at second lot on Railway Land where we had a loose one. He preceded to run about trying to jump on everything, kicked one of the others, and certainly got my blood pressure up. All good fun! Thank goodness third and fourth lots have been a bit calmer.

     2-_Mystery_Star_Lauren     2-_Shomberg_Steve     2-_Star_Commander_John

                Mystery Star                                        Shomberg                                Star Commander

We had a good winner last night when Like Clockwork won at Kempton. He certainly handled the surface, and had come on for his run at Leicester. Hopefully he has not finished yet, and if the handicapper doesn’t go mad he can win again. Eanans Bay ran sensibly and much better than on his debut. Both of the runners at Yarmouth travelled well in the race but once let down couldn’t go anywhere in that ground, which was very soft. It was a bit disappointing as I thought they would handle it but it’s only when push comes to shove that you find out for sure. They will both be given a chance to redeem themselves on better ground in the future.


Haafhd Filly (Rhea)

      2-_Silk_Scarf_Lauren        2-_Likelikelikeit_Robbie

                        Silk Scarf (Lauren)                                                  Likelikelikeit (Robbie)

                         These two fillies are for sale or to lease                                

Like Clockwork was bred at Dullingham Park and is the second individual winner of the season for his dam Tenpence who is by Bob Back. She was injured in training and never got the chance to fulfil her potential, but is now starting to make up for it at stud. We have a lovely yearling by Three Valleys and a cracking foal by Champs Elysees both of which I can’t wait to train. It works really well with the stud producing horses for the yard, and owners being involved both with  breeding and training.


Like Clockwork as a foal in 2009

The Horsemen’s Bonus Scheme gets plenty more space in the Racing Post today with both Paul Roy the chairman of the BHA and Alan Morcombe chief executive of the Horsemen’s Group having their say. I think it’s more about individuals having a snipe at one another rather than the scheme itself. Any extra prize money being put into the sport must be a good thing and everybody should be commended for it. If you want to race for it, you just have to be a member of one of the associations. It’s as simple as that. The Racing Post yearling bonus and the European Breeders' Fund are only open to those eligible, so I cannot see the difference. Maybe it’s as I say - more about individuals rather than the content.


Comrade Bond (Wajid) leading Rayvin Black (Butch)

I think the BHA have got it right about The National in that they couldn’t possibly have foreseen what happened to the two horses that were killed. Both were accidents – not caused by the fences – or anything to do with the race. The RSPCA as I have said before is a great organisation but is certainly barking up the wrong tree here. I have always thought they were there to rescue animals in distress and ones that had been mistreated, not to interfere with ones that have a life of luxury and are loved and cherished by their owners and everybody connected with them. The BHA was also right to criticise the forty jockeys taking part for their starting line procedures. How the starter can not control these jockeys is beyond me. If he fined the wrong doers enough money it would sort it out in a flash - and while I’m on this matter, why they have to trot round at the start is completely beyond me. It never used to happen, and races were very rarely false started. It seems that the starters have no control of the jockeys and the jockeys tell me they have no faith in the starters. It needs sorting out.

2-_The_string_returningThe string returning home