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A good work morning on Racecourse Side

Tuesday, 08 May 2012

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian”.

Dennis Wholey.


Rayvin Black (Butch)

It is a damp morning after plenty more rain last night and Phil tells me that the forecast is for heavy showers all week. Even I am getting fed up with the amount we are getting. The ground at courses I have entries at towards the end of the week are all calling it soft, and some have got heavy in the description. We have been working Round The Bend on Racecourse Side this morning. Quite a few trainers had the same idea, and we had Ted and Eddie out to jump on a couple of ours. The ground was remarkably good, especially along the top as they came round the bend. Everything went according to plan, and the horses are in great shape. We just need somewhere to run them now.

       8_-_Astromagick_Jordan_Five_Hearts_Ted       8_-_Old_Boy_Ted_Harry_Ron_Wajid

             (L-R) Astromagick, Toptempo                               (L-R) Old Boy Ted, Ron

I was delighted with Kathleen Frances yesterday who was fourth at Windsor. She travelled through the race well and just got tired inside the final couple of furlongs. This will have put her spot on and I will be looking for a race for her in the next couple of weeks. Most of ours have just needed their first outing but will improve as the year goes on.


                                   Joe The Coat (Eddie Ahern) Like Clockwork (Robbie)

I meant to mention it yesterday, but was amazed on Sunday morning when listening to Radio 5 Live to hear no mention of the racing, and who had won the 2000 Guineas. There was plenty about the football and taekwondo but no mention of racing. I thought Racing For Change were meant to issue bulletins and press releases which would highlight our game. If they can’t get the winner of a Classic across then what are they doing? We are the second biggest spectator sport behind football, so what is the BBC doing not even giving us a mention?


Five Hearts

It’s the Chester Cup tomorrow and we have two runners in it - Mystery Star and Dazinski. Unfortunately, the ground could be on the soft side and the draw has certainly not been kind to Mystery Star once again. He was drawn seventeen last year and this year is one worse at eighteen. He did unbelievably well to finish third last year from that bad draw, and I’m just hopeful he can run well again. Dazinski has drawn one, which is much better, but could be a hindrance if they all flatten him against the rails. I will give you more information tomorrow.



NAG celebrating with The Owls