Horse welfare is paramount ...

An eventful morning after a wet night

Thursday, 10 May 2012

“Work is the curse of the racing classes”.



Star Of Missouri

There has been an unbelievable amount of rain once again and there is still more forecast. Several canters are currently shut after becoming waterlogged. We have had a full complement of staff in this morning along with a couple of French apprentices on an overseas experience trip, which has meant we have had plenty of horses out in the first two lots. We have done two good canters up Warren Hill, which was all going well until a loose one of Michael Bell’s caused havoc as it dashed for home. One of ours slipped up on the walking ground and caught its hind joints. I know these things can happen, and it has happened to us plenty of times, but it never gets any easier when a horse I want to get on with has to stop doing proper work for several days.


Astroscarlet (Loic)

Loic was one of the apprentices visiting from France

It never stopped raining yesterday as I drove to Chester and although the ground was in brilliant condition with plenty of grass it was riding very heavy. The heaviness of the ground was clearly visible as they couldn’t get the stalls on the course for the Chester Cup and it was a flag start. It didn’t hinder either of mine who were in perfect positions, but it did upset one or two other connections. I thought Dazinski ran a sound race on ground that he didn’t like and Paul Hanagan just looked after Mystery Star who after one circuit was struggling with the ground. They are both in great form, and have come back in one piece. They both live to fight another day and will be winning races very soon on better ground.

      10_-_Cotton_Grass_Iain       10-_Like_Clockwork_Harry

                         Cotton Grass (Iain)                                                Like Clockwork (Harry)

Our three runners at Kempton didn’t trouble the judge; it looks like Shomberg wants a mile and a quarter, Eanans Bay is now handicapped - and once he is stronger and going over a longer trip later in the year - should improve, while Chankillo fluffed the start and was never at the races. All in all it was just one of those days.


Second lot retuning led by My Guardian Angel (John)

We had Wayne Rooney at Chester yesterday with his first runner. It ran quite disappointingly but this may be a good thing, as if it had won first time out he would have got the impression it was easy.  The ground was so bad it was difficult for the two year olds, especially on their debuts, and I am sure he will be getting some fun from the horse as the year goes on. He has another runner today but it is drawn very wide so he may have the same experience again. He looked to be really enjoying it and hopefully he can get some success which would only encourage others. There is nothing like having a winner, and once he has one it will feel like he has scored the winner in the FA Cup final against Liverpool, or even better.


My Guardian Angel